FORUM 2018

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Social and Community development in the Pontiac

The goal of this forum is to launch a regional development plan to improve the lives of our citizens.
Our success depends on participation from all concerned sectors - social, health, community, economic and political - across the MRC Pontiac and the municipality of Pontiac.
Between January and April 2018, we will be presenting proposals for action to our Pontiac Social Development Table (TDSP) partners for validation.
We are focussing on social capital and the capacity for action of all involved, in the areas of intervention agreed upon over a number of years:

  • Healthy life-styles.
  • Education.
  • Community life.
  • Housing.
  • Transport.
  • Local services.

The forum will take place in November 2018. Leading up to that date, the action plan will be developed and evolve based on the involvement of stakeholders.