AutonHomme Pontiac

AutonHomme Pontiac

Resource centre for MEN
2 rue Elsie, deuxième étage
Campbell's Bay Québec

Contact : Tyler Ladouceur


AutonHomme Pontiac is a non-profit organization that helps and supports men of the Pontiac.


  • Develop services for men
  • Rally men around causes that concern them
  • Coordinate the local suicide prevention strategy
  • Develop and ensure viability of a temporary lodging facility for men

Our Means And Activities

  • Refer men with difficulties to the appropriate services
  • Assist men in their quest for help
  • Develop activities for men
  • Increase community and institutional awareness of issues
  • Activities to promote awareness on suicide prevention and develop the local Gatekeepers network
  • Lead meetings with groups or associations of men
  • Non violent communication workshops (anger management)
  • Manage a temporary housing facility for men