François Carrier
Director General
819-683-3155 ext. 123




The primary mission of Pontiac Community Radio is to entertain and inform its members and listeners by covering what is happening in the Pontiac and elsewhere in the Outaouais, the province and the world. All this to mobilize, be at the heart of the action and participate in the life of the community.


Informing listeners means covering the cultural, economic, political, social and recreational activities that characterize the Pontiac and by doing so contribute to the region's development and raise its profile throughout the Outaouais.

In addition, informing listeners means supporting communication and exchange of ideas between citizens and local institutions, organizations and different levels of government in order to encourage active citizenship.

Informing listeners also means contributing to the vitality of the Pontiac by sharing the common interests of our community.

Community Radio is committed to providing its audience with a variety of high quality Pontiac-based programming linked to the region.


In order to best serve the whole community, CHIP FM offers a wide range of programming. One of the radio station’s main goals is to inform citizens by providing local and regional news that is not necessarily covered by other media. The radio station’s entire team works hard to make its programming an accurate reflection of the cultural, economic, political, educational and social aspects of the Pontiac.