Jardin Éducatif du Pontiac

Jardin Éducatif du Pontiac

3 McCuaig St., P.O. Box 29
Campbell's Bay, QC
J0X 1K0
Tel: 819-648-5402
Fax: 819-648-5405

Director: Martin Riopel

Facebook : https://fr-ca.facebook.com/jardineducatifdupontiac


What We Do

The Jardin éducatif du Pontiac offers re-engagement services for Pontiac youth (francophones and anglophones) who are experiencing problems with academic, social and family integration and adaptation. We carry out our mission through meaningful activities to help these young people find paths to success and build healthier relationships in all spheres of life. We aim to be recognized as a key partner in the education, health, and social and community services sectors for our work on social skills development and school dropout prevention.

Sustainable Development

As an integral part of all our activities and actions we promote:

  • Healthy life styles
  • Organic farming
  • Environmental protection

School Program

The Pontiac Educational Enrichment Program (P.E.E.P.) is an alternative school program created in 2000 for the 6 to 17 year-old age group, as a dropout prevention initiative. We work with two school boards: Hauts-Bois de l’Outaouais (francophone) and Western Québec (anglophone). We therefore have 4 programs: primary French, primary English, secondary French and secondary English.

Summer Camps

Since 1989 the Jardin éducatif has offered a camp focused on our organic market garden. This 7-week summer camp program serves up to thirty 12 to 17 year-olds, referred by Pontiac social workers.