Pontiac Social Development Table (TDSP)

Table de Développement Social du Pontiac

2 Elsie St.
Campbell's Bay, QC
J0X 1K0



The Pontiac Social Development Table is a mechanism for intersectorial and multi-network collaboration that acts as a lever for development. The mission of the Table is to bring together organizations from all sectors of the community to promote social development. To this end, the Table encourages and supports social development initiatives through consultation, cooperation and sharing, citizen involvement, mobilization and influencing political decisions and policies.

The values of the Table are engagement, collaboration, respect, recognition, open-mindedness and a Social Development way of thinking.

Social development is defined as a dynamic process aimed at creating conditions favourable for community and individual development. It is built on participation in the social, economic and cultural life of the community, the sharing of wealth and access to services, focusing on dynamic and united communities.

Above and beyond formal democratic mechanisms, the Table works on different methods to engage, consult and mobilize the stakeholders and citizens of the Pontiac.

The Table encourages the collaboration and engagement of the active community in order to improve the quality of life for all.

By bringing together all sectors of the community to determine and represent their common interests, the Table is able to influence decision-makers on directions and policies for social development.