TransporAction Pontiac

Bouffe Pontiac

1226A, Route 148
Campbell’s Bay, Québec
J0X 1K0

1-877-648-2223 (sans frais)

General Director: Sylvie Bertrand


Created in 2004, TransporAction Pontiac is the first organization to be approved by the Quebec Department of Transport to house both collective and adapted transport under the same roof. This practice is now recommended across Quebec.


Establish and manage an integrated collective transport system on the territory of the MRC Pontiac and the municipality of Pontiac. To this end, the corporation may promote and facilitate optimal use of existing transport services on said territory and support the development of new transport services to respond to needs not being met.

What is collective transportation?
Collective transportation in rural areas means utilizing spare places of school and adapted vehicles, community and private vehicles, depending on availability, for the benefit of the population.

Who can benefit from collective transportation?
The collective transportation is offered to the population of both the Pontiac MRC and the Pontiac Municipality. It can be used for different reasons such as:

  • Access to health care (Health Centers, Hospitals, etc);
  • Access to social needs (grocery, bank, notary, etc);
  • Easy access to leisure and to community activities.

What is adapted transportation?
Paratransit is public transportation adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.  However, only people whose disabilities greatly compromise their mobility are eligible.
To be eligible, you must have a disability; that is, have a significant, persistent impairment and be limited while carrying out normal activities. The person must have limitations to mobility that justify the use of specialized transportation.